The vScan utility avoidance tool has been designed to make buried utility detection a simple and cost-effective process. You don’t need to be an electronics expert to get the most out of the vScan‘s features. Main features and operational controls are in keeping with industry standards so minimal training is required.

Together with the dual frequency transmitter, data logging, optional metal manhole cover detector, GPS, and Bluetooth, the vScan is available in various models to suit all applications.

The vScan locator kits are shipped with a spacious canvas carry bag which fits the receiver, transmitter, leads and any optional accessories.


vScan Receiver and Transmitter

vScan Receiver and Transmitter

vScan Receiver

vScan Receiver

vScan Transmitter

vScan Receiver What’s in the box

vScan Receiver Dimensions

vScan Transmitter Dimensions

Key Features

  • Large, high resolution, high contrast dot matrix display: makes signal interpretation simple and intuitive.
  • Auto backlight: for use after dusk.
  • Compass line direction indicator: ensures correct alignment over utility
  • Visual, audible and vibration alerts: alerts can be set for: shallow cable, overload, excessive swinging and overhead cables.
  • Passive signals: power, radio and also as a free option, cathodic protection (CP) 100Hz.
  • Current measurement: helps positively identify the targeted line.
  • Simple two button operation: on/off and information (such as depth and current).
  • Movable speaker: allows the user to place the speaker against the ear while holding the receiver at arm’s length
  • Robust ABS casing with rubber protection bumpers for all site condition use.
  • 2GB auto data logging: helps identify usage and training needs.

MyvScan App

Keep the operating system of the vScan up to date with the free MyvScan Desktop App. The vScan management tool allows the user to configure the features in the locator, download data collected from locating, set alarms useable while locating, and check and update the locator’s firmware. Software updates - MyvScan checks for...

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VMMap App

When used with Bluetooth enabled Vivax-Metrotech receivers, the VMMap Utility Mapping app records data from the field which is instantly available online via the VMMap Cloud web portal or can be shared by using the email function in the app. Location data is obtained from the mobile phone, or an external GPS device of...

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MyvScan Data Managment Mapping Apps V1.0 1.53 MB Download
vScan Sales Sheet V1.0 507.61 KB Download
MyvScan Brochure V1.1 3.01 MB Download
vScan Technical Specifications V1.8 660.58 KB Download
vScan User Handbook V1.5 6.05 MB Download
MyvScan Software_3.29 10.20 MB Download
MyvScan Software_3.29 10.20 MB Download