Live Plug Connector

The Live Plug Connector (LPC separation filter) is used to safely inject a locate frequency onto a live street distribution cable using a standard household mains socket from a building. This allows the cable to be traced from the premises to the connection in the street. The LPC separation filter is useable with transmitter frequencies of 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 65 kHz and has a roatary knob for phase switching. Use the Live Plug Connector for connecting to voltages between 100V AC and 250V AC.

  • Apply a locate signal onto all utility services using one connection
  • Phase switching


Locator Accessory Brochure V1.2 5.39 MB Download
Battery Chargers and Power Cords Chart 918.76 KB Download
LPC Separation Filter Technical Specifications V2.5 370.16 KB Download
LPC User Guide VXMT Eng V1.2 307.15 KB Download