The VM-560FF Transmitters will meet the requirements of those wishing to trace utilities such as service line drops over a short distance. The 1-Watt Transmitter applies a locate frequency by direct connection or induction. Optional Induction Clamps can be used to clamp around a line and induce the locate signal onto it. 


VM-560FF = Induction: 480kHz, Direct Connection: 512Hz, 8.19kHz, 480kHz, and Fault-find 


The VM-560 Transmitters also has the additional frequency of 8kHz Fault-find, so it can be used to detect the presence of ground to sheath faults on cable when used with the VM-510FFL+ Stand Alone A-Frame fault locator. 


Key Features

  • High impact ABS construction 
  • Small lightweight profile 


VM-550FF, VM-560FF and VM-585FF Tx Data Sheet VXMT Eng V1.0 226.51 KB Download