The Loc-150Tx, 150-Watt DM Transmitter is used primarily with the Defect Mapper (DM) Receiver, however it is also useful for those needing a low frequency, high output transmitter.

Typically, the Loc-150Tx, transmitter (DM transmitter) is used to apply a signal current to the anode bed. The pipeline returns the signal via coating faults back to the transmitter. The Loc-150Tx transmitter is designed to be powered from CP (Cathodic Protection) stations, AC or external batteries, eliminating the need for internal batteries. This transmitter has a direct connection mode to apply the locate frequency onto the conductor.  There is no clamp or induction mode.

The Loc-150Tx transmitter has selectable direct connection frequencies from 98Hz to 512Hz (640 Hz in Europe). The two inch by one-inch dot matrix display with LED backlight shows output current, volts, frequency, and over voltage/over temperature/over power warnings.

Two rotary/push control knobs provide access to frequency selection, output level, menu information and active/standby modes. This transmitter is supplied with a direct connection lead, DC input lead and AC mains lead.


Key Features

  • Powered by AC/DC external power source
  • Over voltage, power and temperature alarms
  • High-impact ABS plastic housing
  • Identify the location of coating defects and faulty insulation joints
  • Can also operate as a long-line pipeline locator


Loc-150Tx Sales Sheet VXMT Eng V1.0 1.19 MB Download
Loc-150Tx Transmitter Technical Specifications VXMT Eng V1.1 281.12 KB Download