vLocPro2 (VLP2) Receiver

The vLocPro2 (VLP2) utility locator receiver was designed to meet the tough requirements of the modern world. With more and more utilities being buried each day and also abandoned each day, it truly is a jungle beneath the ground. Today’s locator must not only trace the path of a buried utility, it must assure the user that the locate is beyond the shadow accurate. The vLocPro2 (VLP2) is the tool that will give you the same results time after time with speed and, accuracy which leaves you confident in the decision to put the paint mark on the ground. ThevLocPro2 (VLP2) series locator is the locator of choice for the contract locating professionals.

The vLocPro2 (VLP2) utility locator receiver has more than seventy active frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz as well as several passive modes such as broad and narrow band power and VLF radio and SD (signal direction). Once the target line is located use the compass feature to quickly trace the line by following the compass line.

  • Ergonomic lightweight design at only 4.6lb/2kg
  • Rechargeable or alkaline batteries
  • Lightweight rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction
  • Link a range of GPS devices to the receiver via Bluetooth
  • SD (Signal Direction) positive line identification mode for congested areas


Replaced by: vLoc3-Pro Receiver


vLoc Series 2 Brochure VXMT Eng V1.7 1.61 MB Download
vLocPro2 Rx Data Sheet VXMT Eng V1.7 266.87 KB Download
vLocPro2 vLocML2+ User Handbook VXMT Eng V2.1 10.52 MB Download
VMMap iOS Setup and User Guide VXMT Eng V1.1 1.24 MB Download
MyLocator2-Setup_2.7 3.07 MB Download