Clamp Extension Rod

The Clamp Extension Rods are plastic non-conductive rods have male and female threads at opposite ends to screw together and extend the length. With the signal clamp attached to the extension rod it can now be safely used on overhead lines, lines in trenches, and in manholes.

The extension rod is fitted with a 10mm threaded male stud. This male thread screws into the handle of the signal clamp to extend the distance of the clamp. To access this thread, slide the yellow handle off the rod.

  • Extendable lengths
  • Use on overhead lines
  • Use in underground vaults or manholes
  • Manufactures with non-conductive material


Locator Accessory Brochure VMXT Eng V1.0 5.23 MB Download
Signal Clamp User Guide VXMT Eng V1.3 677.73 KB Download