4″ SiS Transmitter Signal Clamp

The Signal Select Clamp is a precise way to apply the locating signal if direct connection is not possible. Signal Select is a special modulation placed on the targeted utility line, to support positive line identification. This feature is available only on the following frequencies SIS-491 Hz, SIS-982 Hz, SIS-8.44 kHz, and SIS-9.82 kHz.

Used in conjunction with the vLoc3-5000 receiver, the Signal Select feature becomes a powerful tool in aiding accurate cable identification. At the receiver, a positive (+) icon appears on the operational interface if the operator correctly identifies and traces the line.

A negative (-) icon appears on the operational interface if the operator finds a parallel line or a return current instead of the desired line. Tracing along a line will provide a constant indication of the same polarity.


Locator Accessory Brochure VMXT Eng V1.0 5.23 MB Download
Signal Clamp User Guide VXMT Eng V1.4 666.43 KB Download
VM-CLAMP Technical Specifications VXMT Eng V2.7 572.88 KB Download