vLoc2 Accessory A-Frame

The vLoc2 Series Accessory A-Frame accessory is used to detect ground faults on pipes and cables. In the case of pipes, the faults consist of coating defects. In the case of cables, faults are usually caused by insulation damage allowing the metallic sheath (or internal conductor) to become in contact with the ground.

It is intended to be used with the vLoc2 range of locators and will require a fault find signal applied to the faulty conductor from a Vivax-Metrotech compatible transmitter with fault finding mode.

  • Carbon fiber reinforced glass fiber construction
  • Plug-in-Play powered by receiver
  • Forward/backward arrows point to fault


Analogue A-frame User Guide VXMT Eng V1.1 353.32 KB Download
A-frame User Guide VXMT Eng V1.1 342.56 KB Download
A-frame Data Sheet VXMT Eng V2.3 147.64 KB Download