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The vLocDM2 (Defect Mapper) has been designed to:

  • identify the position of coating defects
  • identify shorts to other structures
  • help categorize the faults
  • help plan and prioritize remedial work
  • operate as a long line pipeline locator

          The vLocDM2 uses the latest locating and signal processing techniques to plot the current gradient of an industry standard low frequency (3Hz or 4Hz) profiling current. The current is typically applied at CP stations so the disruption of the pipeline can be minimized.


          The Loc-150Tx, 150W transmitter (vLocDM2 transmitter) is used to apply a signal current to the anode bed. The pipeline returns the signal via coating faults back to the transmitter. The transmitter is designed to be powered from CP (Cathodic Protection) stations, AC or external batteries, eliminating the need for batteries.

          The non-intrusive measuring device, the vLocDM2 receiver, takes measurements along the pipeline and plots the results directly onto the screen of the receiver. There is no need to carry extra logging and display devices. All the data is displayed and logged into the receiver and can be downloaded to a spread sheet or dedicated analysis program.

          A +/- 3m accuracy GPS antenna is included with the system. It links to the vLocDM2 receiver via Bluetooth radio link. The GPS enables the user to generate real time current gradient graphs and guides the user back to a point of interest by highlighting the user’s position on the graph. This feature is called the “walk back” feature. The system can also be integrated with high accuracy GPS systems and software packages, for example Trimble and TriGlobal Inc.

          Storing the results also has the benefit of facilitating the technique of comparative tests. Comparing the results from previous surveys of the same length of pipe allows the CP engineer to establish trends of coating deterioration.

          The A-frame fault finding accessory is used to accurately locate the position of a fault. An arrow points the user to the position of the fault whilst quickly and efficiently graphing the characteristic shape and magnitude of fault signal on the receivers display. This ensures the user minimizes the chances of misidentification.

vLocDM2 Features: (contains the following standard vLoc Series 2 features)

  • Rugged ABS & Carbon Fiber construction


  • Removable magnetometer foot to reduce weight when used just as a pipeline locator


  • IP54 rating for all weather use
  • Color display


  • High speed processor
  • Multiple location modes
  • Multiple frequencies
  • Pushbutton & continuous depth
  • Internal data logging
  • Real-time on screen graphing
  • Normal & modulated audio modes (separately selectable for Power, Radio & Active modes)
  • Selectable languages (over 20)
  • Selectable “time off” function
  • Rechargeable and alkaline battery packs
  • MyLocator2 Locator and Data Management Tool 


  • A-frame

    The A-frame accessory is used to detect ground faults on pipes and cables. In the case of pipes, the faults consist of coating defects. In the case of cables, faults are usually caused by insulation damage allowing the metallic sheath (or internal conductor) to become in contact with the ground.


  • Remote Antenna


    The remote antenna can be used to help identify a particular cable on a cable tray or where cables are bunched together.


  • MyLocator2

    MyLocator2 configuration tool is a software package that enables the operator to configure the vLoc series 2 of locators.

    MyLocator2 allows operators

    • To transfer data from the locator to a host computer.
    • To perform software upgrade
    • To add splash screen to the receivers
    • To save the receiver configuration or use the saved configuration on other receiver
  • Bluetooth Module

    As an optional, the vLocPro2 and vLocML2 receivers can be fitted with a Bluetooth communications accessory. The Bluetooth option can be retrofitted and can be ordered at a later date if preferred.

  • Receiver Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

    The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack is supplied as standard for receivers. Charging is done with the battery inside the receiver.

  • Receiver Standard Battery Charger

    The receiver Lithium-ion battery charger is supplied as a standard item. It is powered from the mains supply. (100-250V AC)

  • Receiver Vehicle Charging Lead

    12ft (4m) long vehicle charging lead to charge the receiver’s battery (Lithium-ion) while on the move.

  • Sondes

    A small transmitting coil which may be built into a product such as a sewer camera or packaged as a small self contained battery powered transmitter. A receiver tuned to the same frequency can locate the position and depth of the Sonde and hence whatever it is attached to or in. Frequently used for locating sewer cameras, and the non metallic pipes.

    • D18-33-SR44 Sonde
      • 0.7in (18mm) x 3.2in (80mm) long
      • frequency: 33 kHz
      • range: 15ft (4.5m).
      • 2 x button cell batteries.
    • D38-33-AA Sonde
      • 1.5in (38mm) x 4.1in (105mm) long
      • frequency: 33 kHz
      • range: 16.3ft (5m).
      • 1 x AA battery.
    • D64-33-LR61 Sonde
      • 2.5in (64mm) x 7.3in (186mm) long
      • frequency: 33 kHz
      • range: 26ft (8m).
      • 1 x LR61 battery.
    • D23F-512-AA / D23F-640-AA Sonde
      • 0.9in (23mm) x 17.3in (440mm) long
      • range: 20ft (6m).
      • “Flexible (3 section) Sonde with optional 512Hz or 640Hz for use in cast iron pipes”.
      • 1 x AA battery.



  • D38-83-AA Sonde

    • Dimension: 1.5" (38mm) x 4.1" (105mm) long
    • Frequency: 83 kHz
    • Range: 16.3ft (5m)
    • Power Supply: 1 x AA battery
  • D38-09-AA Sonde

    • Dimension: 1.5" (38mm) x 4.1" (105mm) long
    • Frequency: 9.82 kHz
    • Range: 16.3ft (5m)
    • Power Supply: 1 x AA battery


  • D64-83-LR61 Sonde

    • Dimension: 2.5" (64mm) x 7.3" (186mm) long
    • Frequency: 83 kHz
    • Range: 26ft (8m)
    • Power Supply: 1 x LR61 battery
  • D64-09-LR61 Sonde

    • Dimension: 2.5" (64mm) x 7.3" (186mm) long
    • Frequency: 9.82 kHz
    • Range: 26ft (8m)
    • Power Supply: 1 x LR61 battery
  • Ground Stake

    Used to make an independent connection to the ground so as to complete the circuit when the transmitter is connected to a line using the direct connection method.