Management Team

  Christian Stolz - Segment Director, Seba KMT, CEO Vivax-Metrotech Corporation
Graduated from Koblenz School of Corporate Management in German with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. Christian has held senior management positions at SebaKMT and currently manages their interests in Vivax-Metrotech. SebaKMT is a leading manufacturer of power cable fault locating instruments, high voltage test equipment, water leak locating instruments and pipe and cable locators.
  Andrew Hoare - President
Educated in the UK as a Mechanical Engineer. Mr. Hoare established & built a USA subsidiary of a major UK based Test Instrument company specializing in outside plant products, and later lead a successful buy out of the UK parent Company. After establishing them as the market, sold to a USA Conglomerate. Then with partners founded Vivax in 2005.
  Mark Drew - VP Sales
Educated in the UK, has worked in the utility Test Equipment market all his working life, has founded, developed and managed both domestic and international sales teams and is a leading expert in outside plant test instrumentation. With Mr. Hoare and two others founded Vivax in 2005.
  Mark Royle - VP Engineering
Educated in the UK, University of Sheffield (BSC Physics) and Imperial college, University of London (MsSC Physics), and a Member of the University of Physics. Mark has been responsible for a number of papers and patents throughout his career. He worked in Weapons effect simulators & aircraft/helicopter avionics before becoming a senior systems engineer in the field of test instrumentation. Mark joined Vivax in 2008. 
Liming Zhang - General Manager (Vivax (Shanghai) Ltd.)
Educated in electronic engineering at the Electronic Science and Technology University of China in Chengdu. Liming spent most of his career in the Chinese Research Institute Organization. Liming is the holder of a prestigious commendation by the Chinese Central Government for the work he undertook for the institute. Liming joined Vivax (Shanghai) Ltd. as Chief Engineer in 2007, was appointed Deputy General Manager in 2008, and General Manager in 2009. 


The above team carries the responsibility for the performance of the company, but Vivax-Metrotech consists of a great team of departmental managers who also take much of the day to day responsibility and deserve an equal share of the credit, they include:
 USA Operations & Engineering  North American Sales            European Sales                        Shanghai Facility                 
 Dee Hoare  Dale Berryman  Frans Veelenturf  Gavin Wong
 Billy Beyer  Dave Smith  Jörg Schubert  Grace Mao
 George Mainescu  Dave Wulff  Roland Klar  Jason Lu
 Josue Pineda  Jesse Diaz  Steve Benzie  JB Zhang
   Kelvin Cherrington    Jeffrey Tay
   Volker Brohm    Snow Yang