Work Site Safety

The Basics

  • DO NOT open the enclosures (housings) of either the transmitter or receiver.
  • Use your companies, or other applicable safety code and rules when using this equipment.
  • Always call "Call Before You Dig" before starting any excavation.
  • Unless having the required authorization, license and appropriate training - DO NOT make connections to any pipe, cable or conductor.
  • DO NOT use this equipment in explosive areas - such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, heavy dust.
  • DO NOT use mechanical digging devices over the presence of a buried utility.
  • DO NOT use product battery chargers in the field - they are NOT waterproof.
  • DO NOT hold any un-insulated portion of the connection leads & clips when the transmitter is switched on.
  • Place the ground stake firmly in the ground before connecting the cable from the transmitter.
  • Always make connections to both target line and ground before turning on the transmitter.
  • DO NOT directly connect this equipment to cables or pipes that have a potential difference to ground of greater than 35V AC.


Interpreting the Information Provided by the Locator

  • Use all available information (As built plans, location of hand holds, manhole covers, warning signs etc) when planning and undertaking your locate.
  • All locators locate and providing depth and current readings based on electromagnetic signals that radiate from the buried cable or pipe. In most cases, these signals will enable the locator to pinpoint both position depth and current correctly - but - BEWARE - in some cases other factors will distort electromagnetic fields radiating from cable or pipe being located, resulting in incorrect information.
  • Always locate responsibly and use information learned during your training to interpret the information provided by the locator.
  • DO NOT provide information regarding depth of cable or pipe to anyone unless authorized to do so by your company. REMEMBER that depth measurements are to the center of the electromagnetic field or pipe - in the case of pipes this may be significantly deeper than the top of the pipe.